Simplified Access Control

Tired of losing your keycard or pin? Just show your face and Chui uses facial recognition and computer vision to identify who can enter. The coolest thing? Control it all from the app!


Intelligent Access Control
A camera reader with NFC, Bluetooth and Facial Recognition

Cloud Management
Manage your device from anywhere, grant and revoke access with a click

Real Time Notifications & Audit Trail (Log)
Get realtime notifications and keep a visual audit trail of anyone that enters your place of business

Built-in Relay, Simple Installation
Wire Chui directly to your lock, use our wireless relay, or a compatible smart-lock. Set up your device in 60 seconds

Keyfobs and Cards
Use NFC cards and fobs with CHUI, enable multi-factor authentication for secure areas

data to help you with tracking and decision making

Beta Program

Request a Beta Unit

To inquire about pricing, installation and delivery please contact us.