Chui’s API Helps Clover Create Fraud Detection App and Place 3rd at SF Global AI Hackathon

Last weekend the Global AI Hackathon ( took place, where Chui was a partner and allowed the San Francisco branch of the hackathon to use our face recognition API within the participants’ creations. One team, in particular, Clover (, used our API and were placed third in the competition. What was their creation? They created…

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Spoof Detection using Deep Learning

Spoofing attacks are a common vulnerability to all 2D facial recognition systems, attempts at resolving the issue traditionally use extra hardware (IR Sensors, extra camera), and/or complex computer vision algorithms that don’t work very well and often require additional effort on behalf of the user. At Chui utilize deep learning and AI to identify fake…

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My team mates and I tried the Chui that was set up few days ago at our coworking space: the experience is fantastic vs. the password we had to learn and type. The set up took a few seconds and Chui now recognizes me with my sun glasses & headset on. We even tried to…

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Our First Batch of Chui Devices

We are pleased to announce that 35 of our first batch of 100 have arrived, with the other 65 supposed to be arriving next week. Its been a long journey and we’re very happy to finally be at this point after so much development, manufacturing and testing. Chui can be a great option for any…

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The next big thing!

Facial recognition has to be the next big thing in not just security but also everyday life. From work to leisure it will truly revolutionise the way we live our lives. What will be interesting is seeing how the technology evolves and how quickly it is adopted by society! See full article

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