Chui Holiday Update

Happy holidays to all of our early backers and supporters.  After a long period of uncertainty regarding manufacturing we have finally made a decision on the best route for us to produce Chui quickly with the highest quality and lowest risk.  We are working through a timeline with the manufacturing facility over the next two…

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Chui Summer Update

Chui Family, I want to again thank all of you for your generous support, feedback and patience with us. As is the case with many start-ups, we have been forced to make some very difficult decisions in our short history.  After carefully evaluating the smart home market and analyzing other relevant trends over the past…

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Pioneer Festival

Chui just got back from making its international debut.  The first event was the Pioneers Festival in Vienna Austria. Chui was named one of the top 50 international startups and presented on stage at the Haus der Industrie (House of Industry). The event was a great stride for Chui in the European markets and we were…

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Florida Venture Forum

As we continue to keep our heads down with developing Chui to be the perfect addition to your home we are out spreading the word as best we can.  Last month we took the stage at the Florida Venture Forum to share the vision of Chui with Florida’s largest collection of investors. Followed by a…

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Collision Conference

Last week we were all set up for two days in Vegas at the Collision Conference. We were able to meet some great potential partners in the smart home/business space and continue to spread the vision of Chui. Yes, you can get Chui notifications on your Android Wear Watch as well!

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