Pricing/What you get

Q: Specifics on how much the device costs, upfront and monthly
A: Please see our pricing plan: https://getchui.com/pricing/

Q: What comes with the package?
A: The package is the physical Chui device and the web app. The device houses the camera as well as a button. It also comes with a power unit and stand.

Q: Is there a fee to use the web application?
A: No, it comes with the device and monthly subscriptions.

Q: Is there a warranty and what specifically does it cover and for how long?
A: We are working through our plan for the warranty offering and will let you know.

Q: Will there be a fee for having more than 1 admin using Chui? Is there an extra charge or will we be giving out a certain number of “host” keys for the App?
A: No, any number of people can login with the account details that you set during setup.

Functionalities: The App

Q: How do I request a demo?
A: We have demo videos available upon request. Please contact us.

Q: Can you upload photos into the system in preparation of guests coming?
A: No, but with the NFC functionality, you can use this while you are enrolling users as they come and go.

Q: Can we put an End Date on someone’s Access to Chui?
A: No, but you can remove their access at any point to any particular device.

Q: Can you set different access levels for different users?
A: Yes, if you have more than 1 device, you can set the access on each device.

Q: What analytics can I see?
A: Via the web app you can view number of entries for each device, over the year, month, or day. You can view analytics retrospectively and export them to csv if you wish. You can analyse peak hours, peak access points and who’s entering when and where.

Q: Does Chui have video chat capability?
A: Yes

Q: Can I view outside my door whenever I want?
A: Yes, you can activate the video feed from the web app at any time. So you could view outside your door in LA, while in Timbuktu.

Q: Can I open a specific door whenever I want, without someone having to show their face?
A: Yes, you can keep it open permanently, or temporarily (you can set the unlock duration so can can allow the door to stay open, for example, 10 seconds).

Q: Can I use the app functionalities and view my camera from my tablet or phone?
A: Yes, via the browser.

Functionalities: The Hardware

Q: What hardware capabilities does Chui have?
A: Facial recognition, NFC (we plan to give out NFC tags to individual users to allow a backup or dual authentication solution), Bluetooth, video, microphone

Q: Can Chui identity people in the dark/poor lighting conditions?
A: Yes! Chui can work in less than optimal lighting conditions. Although we recommend testing the lighting conditions before installing the device as you would for any camera.

Q: Would 1 Chui power 2 doors?
A: Yes, Chui can send protocol to both doors. We authenticate that the person is who they say they are. Although this is not recommended as why would you want to open 2 secure doors at the same time, when only entry in 1 is needed.

Q: What if the wifi drops? If we’re Wifi only would Chui stop working if the wifi goes down?
A: If your Chui is connected to a wireless relay, it would continue to function and would unlock the door even if the Internet is down via facial recognition, only you wouldn’t be able to use the features of the web app and enroll people or get notifications.
Without a wireless relay it will not function.

Q: Are we ever planning on going battery powered?
A: Yes chui has a battery but it’s not intended as a primary source of power.

Q: Can you store the video and pictures directly to your SD card on your phone and bypass cloud storage? If not – is there a fee for cloud storage use?
A: No, we are not able to support storing videos/pictures to the phone at this moment.

Q: Can Chui work with a wired internet connection?
A: Right now we do not support ethernet but we are working on that solution for a future version.

Data Storage

Q: How many faces/photo records can be stored in the Chui unit?
A: Chui can accommodate any number of members in its database. Monthly charges will depend on # of records and data used.

Q: Where is the data actually stored?
A: Data is stored in the cloud, co-working station has ownership. Were using that reference points for the facial recognition happens locally and we set it up to the cloud so that you have records.

Q: What do you have for protecting data?
A: We have rotating keys on the transfer, all good practices of FR we have baked in there, when we’re talking about security were continuing to find innovative ways to protect them. We are doing what the banking industry is doing.

Q: Does Chui store the physical pictures? Would we lose the data if anything broke with Chui?
A: In the physical device no. We essentially store the string of digits to match on the size. The device only stores the Facial recognition record of that person. The actual image is stored in the cloud as a profile. We generate further accuracy.


Q: How the install process works, and the setup?
A: The installation process should be relatively straightforward. The device can be wired into an existing system (which would require some installation) or can be plugged directly into the wall via an outlet. Setting up the device will be done via the setup app in a few simple steps.

Q: How will I install the device?
A: We have a network of access control installers who will be able to help you with installation.

Q: Will I have to pay for installation and how much will I have to pay?
A: This depends on your location and installation requirements.

Q: Do we have a good API? What’s that looking like? Would we be able to integrate directly with satellite work spaces software, Satellitedeskworks.com
A: Yes we do, https://github.com/getchui/Chui-API/blob/master/README.md, the key is available on request.

Q: Does Chui support RFID?
A: Yes

Q: What locks/systems is Chui compatible with?
A: Electric bolt, lockitron, wireless relay, August lock

Q: Have you heard of the Isonas door access control system? Could we tie chui into that?
A: Yes, with the use of a module like this one they can http://portal.isonas.com/products/wiegand-interface-module/

Q: What power voltage does it require? Will POE be acceptable or does it need the traditional 8-24vac power source?
A: Chui needs the traditional 8-24vac power source. We are considering POE for future versions.

Q: Does Chui have z wave capability to interact with fibaro home automation system and z wave door lock?
A: We have not included a-z wave integration at this point.

Q: Does Chui provide any iPhone sdk or Android sdk?
A: Chui does not prove an SDK for iphone or android.

Q: Can we run concurrently with key pads, do a smaller set of members or the whole thing?
A: Yes! We can absolutely do that that.


Q: When will Chui be available outside the USA?
A: We are expected to begin exporting around July.

Q: How much will the shipping cost?
A: That depends on your location and shipping preferences.