Pricing/What you get

Q: Specifics on how much the device costs, upfront and monthly
A: Please see our pricing plan: https://getchui.com/pricing/

Q: What comes with the package?
A: The package is the physical Chui a power unit and stand.

Functionalities: The App

Q: How do I request a demo?
A: We have demo videos available upon request. Please contact us.

Q: How do you add profiles to the system?
A: Simply tag them with our web application.

Q: Can we put an End Date on someone’s Access to Chui?
A: Not at the moment but you can currently

Q: Can you set different access levels for different users?
A: Yes, if you have more than 1 device, you can set the access on each device.

Q: What analytics can I see?
A: You can totals visits per hour, per day, per month, and per year for each location and for all your locations.

Q: Does Chui have video capability?
A: Yes, Chui can function as a live video streamer.

Q: Can I view outside my door whenever I want?
A: Yes, you can activate the video feed from the web app at any time. So you could view outside your door in LA, while in Timbuktu.

Q: Can I open a specific door whenever I want, without someone having to show their face?
A: Yes, you can keep it open permanently, or temporarily (you can set the unlock duration so can can allow the door to stay open, for example, 10 seconds).

Q: Can I use the app on my tablet or phone?
A: Yes.

Functionalities: The Hardware

Q: What hardware capabilities does Chui have?
A: Facial recognition, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, and video

Q: Can Chui identity people in the dark/poor lighting conditions?
A: Yes! Chui can work in less than optimal lighting conditions. Although we recommend testing the lighting conditions before installing the device as you would for any camera.

Q: What if the wifi drops?
A: All Chui functionalities excluding the notifications are not internet dependent and the device will continue to function and unlock the door regardless of internet connectivity.

Q: Does Chui have battery backup?
A: Yes chui has a battery but it’s not intended as a primary source of power. Its meant to keep Chui running in the event of a power failure.

Q: Can Chui work with a wired internet connection?
A: Right now we do not support ethernet but we are working on that solution for a future version.

Data Storage

Q: How many faces/photo records can be stored in the Chui unit?
A: Chui can accommodate thousands of members and profiles in each device.

Q: Where is the data actually stored?
A: Data is stored in the cloud with bank level encryption, the data is fully owned by the client.

Q: Does Chui store the physical pictures? Would we lose the data if anything broke with Chui?
A: In the physical device no. The actual images are stored in the cloud with bank level encryption


Q: How the install process works, and the setup?
A: The installation process is straightforward. Setup Chui, then wire it to your lock or use our wireless relay, or use Lockitron for a simple completely wireless installation.

Q: How will I install the device?
A: Chui can be installed with anyone, review the video installation guides for wiring it to commercial locks or to Lockitron.

Q: How does installation cost?
A:This depends on your location and installation requirements. Please contact us for help with installation.

Q: Do we have an API?
A: Yes we do, https://github.com/getchui/Chui-API/blob/master/README.md, the key is available on request.

Q: Does Chui support RFID?
A: Yes

Q: What locks/systems is Chui compatible with?
A: Chui works with conventional locks (electric strikes and maglocks) as well as Lockitron.

Q: Can Chui work with existing access control systems?
A: Yes, utilizing our wireless relay or with the Weigand protocol.

Q: What power voltage does it require? Will POE be acceptable or does it need the traditional 8-24vac power source?
A: Chui works of 5V but you can power it with 12/24V using a converter, for recommendations please contact us.

Q: Does Chui have z wave capability to interact with fibaro home automation system and z wave door lock?
A: We have not included a-z wave integration at this point.

Q: Does Chui provide any iPhone sdk or Android sdk?
A: Chui does not prove an SDK for iphone or android.

Q: Can we run concurrently with key pads, do a smaller set of members or the whole thing?
A: Yes! We can absolutely do that that.


Q: When will Chui be available outside the USA?
A: We are expected to begin exporting around July.

Q: How much will the shipping cost?
A: That depends on your location and shipping preferences.