Chui was recently featured during Gregg Lowe (CEO of Freescale) Keynote speech at the Freescale Technology Forum in Austin Texas.  We were more than honored to be showing a live demo to the audience during this presentation!  You can find the video here.

We have also recently installed a Chui on the Freescale IoT Truck which will be traveling the US and you can find the route here – If you are in the area please go stop in for a demo of Chui!

We have been working endlessly on finalizing the hardware to get into manufacturing and we are getting closer everyday.  After the conference we have a stronger idea moving forward of what the final design will be and will be updating everyone shortly.  We recently made great progress on the iOS app and now it mirrors the functionality our android app.

We are continuing to work night and day to get a Chui in everyones home and we thank you for your patience and understanding.  We are very excited with the progress we have made and cannot be happier about the great people who have been so supportive of us along the way.

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